Thursday, August 20, 2009

School comes every fall like it or not....

I moved back into my dorm room yesterday! It's weird though because I usually am not excited about school starting or being in classes, but this year I can't wait. I am excited to be in about every class I have! So it's been a little weird because I happy to be doing what most people dread, but I guess I'm not most people.

After I got all my stuff moved in I went and visited some of my friends who were actually in class at the time (early week class, I couldn't take anything...) and they told be there was going to be free Chik fil A at 5!!! I love any kinda of Chik fil A, but the free kind is absolutely the best! So we went to this park where it was being served and I got to see many old friends and here about everyone's summer stories, which was a great time!

School starts next week, but til then I am going to be looking for a job and visiting some old friends and who knows what else I'll get in to! Also Saturday I am going to the Beach Waterpark with about 6 of my friends, which is also a free event!!!!! You really can't beat free!

I hope everyone is doing well. Please be praying that I find a job quickly!! Thank you!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Sorry and Camps are Over

Hello all you faithful blog followers! Long time no talk. I would like to start with a sorry that I didn't keep everyone updated as much as I would have liked to this summer, but I hope you all are doing fantastic.

My summer has truly been one of the best summers in the most unique way. I have had the privilege to travel with a team of 4 to many summer church camps and do whatever it is I am asked to do. I have done everything from the dance from the movie "Hitch", to leading worship, to crawling through mud, and one of my favorites was canoeing/kayaking on a lake with many jr. high students. I really wish I could put in one blog how much I enjoyed every experience at every camp that I have been to.

Also I would like to add that I have grown a full beard that has been growing on my face since June 14th. It has become quite thick and now it is weird to see pictures of what I looked like before I decided this would be a great idea.

Along with all of my camp experiences, many of you know that my brother has also recently entered a little life-sentence I like to call wedlock, also known as "holy matrimony". I was honored to be his best man, which entailed that I stand behind him and sign my name to a fancy piece of paper with a fancy little pen. So that was fun.

On a less fun/yet still fun note, I was asked to help a family that I am really close to move to New Jersey. Now this wasn't a fun thing for me to do with the knowledge that they are going to live farther away now. However, it was a really fun week I was able to spend with them. We had the privilege of seeing the Statue of Liberty, going to Six Flags, as well as exploring the neighborhood, which included going to see the latest Harry Potter movie at the local cinema.

If you check out my Facebook page you will see many of the pictures taken over the summer. I hope you all enjoy and here are a few to get you started.
There she is!

This is my beard with Lady Liberty!

Just another shot of the beard.

Here is my team. Just as if you were reading a book:
Kaela, Katy, Jeremy, and Yours Truly