Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some of the Crazier Pictures

I thought this last one was funny. I have several pictures with the swirl effect and every one Caleb is plugging his nose. I'm not sure if he thought he was going to drown or what, but it sure made me laugh!

Kylie got a real big kick out of this one!

A few pictures from NC

We had a great time playing with Photobooth on my computer! There are so many funny ones, the kids were laughing and I got a, "You're so funny Dordan!" from Kylie:)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Break - Here and Gone

This past Thursday started my 2009 fall break, but for me I decided another day would be nice, so I left school after attending my morning classes. Around 11 o'clock I set out for Charlotte, NC. It's a great drive there, about 8 hours and the scenery is just great, I love driving through the mountains. I was a little disappointed that tolls went up from $1.25 to $2. What's up with that? But there were only 3, so that wasn't too bad.

I drove into my cousin, Tricia's house, and once I got there Andrew (her youngest, I believe in Kindergarten) walks up to me and says, "Do you wanna play football?" and said I would love to and without saying another word he tosses me a football and just starts running. Nothing more was needed, he said that he remembered me, though I'm pretty sure the last time I saw him he wasn't walking, but I would play foot ball with him and that was enough for him.

I stayed most of the time with Aunt Saundra on her farm. That was pretty nice for me because I got sleep in everyday and have a slow morning, which I'm not used to either of those, then I would meet her at work and she would treat me to a delicious meal. On Friday we met my Aunt Carol Lynn for lunch and I went back with her to her house. We later picked up Sara from school and she was happy to see me. Sara and I played many games that evening, we even had jump rope races and played leaf tag. She did make it clear on Saturday that I could leave whenever I wanted and she was done playing games when I beat her at a game of Operation (which btw I would make a great doctor, keep that in mind).

So, I went back to Aunt Saundra's house for my cousins seemed to be flocking there, that night I saw Kristi, Ian, Kylie and Caleb; Traci and Adam; Tricia and Abby; and Ian's mother and Adam's father and his significant other. We feasted on delicious barbecued chicken.

Sunday we got up and went to Aunt Saundra's church and my newest friend, Caleb, willingly sat on my lap for almost the whole service! I really enjoyed that, he is so much fun! Then we had an interesting Sunday school class, which I believe was taught by Larry the Cable guy! At least he looked like him, sounded like him, and said some stuff that sounded like something Larry would say. It was quite entertaining.

The rest of Sunday was filled with the celebration of Caleb's birth, which was a lot of fun. Any time the word birthday was mentioned he would grin really big and if you asked who was having a birthday he would say really loud, "Me, me!!!" it was precious. The food as expected was super delicious and the cake was great. I stayed just long enough to watch him open his presents, then it was time to go. This part is never fun when you are having so much fun and so relaxed, but life still goes on and there are still responsibilities back home (I don't like that part of growing up).

It was a great fall break and I can't wait till my next break. Though classes are pretty good this semester, it's always nice to be able to lounge around and just visit with family without having anything on my plate to deal with. I can't wait until Thanksgiving comes around!!!