Friday, July 16, 2010

Who is "Mossy Creek and Cracked Walnuts?... Oh yeah, that's Jordan"

I know you are all thinking, "My lands, this boy posts once a year"... and you are right, it has been quite some time. Believe it or not, I have for the most part been keeping up with all of you via blogs, I just haven't felt that I have had anything worth while to talk about. But I figured I would just give you a little update on my life as of late!

Let's start back in January... I got a job as a "part-time interim youth minister" at a small church in Kettering, OH (pretty sweet title, I know). It's not too far from my home church in Beavercreek, so I have been able to come home and visit the family most weekends through out this past semester. Since they only needed someone for Sunday mornings, I got a partial internship with my home church as well (Beavercreek Christian Church). A partial internship being that I only come in on weekdays and I help out the youth minister and do some stuff on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights with him and go on the special outings such as a canoe trips, the Beach waterpark, and Ceadarpoint trips... etc. (Along with this internship my grammer has gone down as well, if you haven't noticed...! The internship is going really well, I have learned a lot from doing it and I am excited about what the new staff is doing with my old stomping grounds (since I have graduated they have hired a new senior minister and a new youth minister).

In the last 4 weeks I have been to a high school week of camp, jr. high week, and this week I have been doing vbs at the Kettering church. VBS is fun, but I am ready for tonight to be the last night! Needless to say I am ready for a vacation... and that's what I'm getting, tomorrow I am leaving with my momma and Bruce and we are heading down to Hilton Head, South Carolina! We are going to be there for a week with Bruce's two kids and their families, so it should be a pretty good time!

I have had several opportunities to preach in the past couple months and it has been a great learning experience. The best part of preaching is not the affirmation people give right after you speak, but it is hearing the stories of what people are doing with what I say. It has been so neat to see God at work in this avenue of my life, because I honestly don't feel like I have that much to say, but then I hear that my words have really impacted people to do something different and I am blown away because I know that they heard God speaking through me. At the jr. high camp I went to I had the privilege to speak at a main session and present the Gospel. That was the best speaking experience I have had yet, the response from the students immediately was an incredible reward!

Other than hanging out with kids much younger than myself, I haven't really been up to a whole lot. I am looking forward to school starting soon, in about a month. Believe it or not I only have 2 more semesters of classes and an accredited internship to do and I am done! So, I'm going to be looking for an internship for next summer, so if anyone hears of anything, let me know!

Now I have some Chick Fil A calling my name, so I am off here! Love you all.