Monday, February 23, 2009

Illness in the Air

Over the weekend I went to Pennsylvania with Jenn to visit my step brother Mike and his family. I was really excited to see the girls, but when I got there I was saddened to find that all three of them were sick:( This wasn't good, but what was worse was Jenn was sick too. Needless to say it wasn't a very eventful weekend. One thing I did learn is that little girls are very mellow and kinda cute when they are sick, but that is the only good thing about them being ill.

I took some pictures, but it will take me a day or two to post them, so I will just apologize now for that. I hope all ye faithful followers had a good weekend and are having a good Monday! 


Tricia said...

Sorry to hear everyone was sick. That's no fun, especially when you're travelling.

I saw that Josh left you a comment. How nice to see him on your blog!

Kristi said...

Hopefully it was feverish and cold sick and not throwing up sick...

Anonymous said...

be sure to check your email , I have to ask you some things that aren't good for a blog .

Hope you stay healthy and hope all are getting better!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you have re-committed to your blog! We need to get together soon. What are you doing this weekend?