Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Round 2

Last night I was on my way home from school when I received a phone call. Randy was calling to let me know that he was having some people from his home group (thats like an adult small group, or cell group as you might know it) and he was asking if I wanted to come over for another round of Thanksgiving eatins! I just couldn't find it in my heart to turn him down! 

The food was really good. Someone brought a green bean casserole, but whatever it is that you normally put on it, mushroom sauce or whatever, they substituted for a healthy portion of Velveeta cheddar! It was very yummy. There was turkey there, but as I figure, with my 2 other Thanksgiving meals, I would be having enough turkey, so I opted for some wonderful honey baked ham! I really like honey baked ham!

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving once again and I wish you all an early Happy Holidays! 

1 comment:

alleycat said...

So, I don't think that counts as a Thanksgiving since you didn't have turkey. Besides, ham is gross...bleh... ;)