Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vintage Jesus

This weekend I will be at a Sr. High retreat with about 380 other people. I will have several titles at this week and since I have been a part of 3 of the churches that will be going it could be a busy weekend from going from group to group. I will be a counselor, I am taking still pictures for a worship video, and being that it is my first year helping I will withstand the title of "slave-boy".

Of course the weekend is not about me, as you can tell from the title it is all about Jesus. There is a book called "Vintage Jesus", I haven't read it yet but you can't get it in stores. The central thought of the weekend is that through time we have made Jesus into whatever we want, but do we really remember the Jesus from the Bible? 

It is going to be a very amazing time. The dean, Chris Cox, is the one who helped me with the Crazy Love retreat that I am planning and he had a much bigger team to help him plan this. Did I mention that 380ish people are going to be there? I know this doesn't seem like that crazy of a number, but did I also mention that the camp capacity is 275? Clearly there is something that is going to happen at the weekend if there are about 100 people willing to sleep outside in tents and campers!

I am really excited and can't wait to tell you more, but it might be a few days, since I am guessing that there won't be much sleep happening this weekend!


Mom of Triple As said...

I hope the weather is supposed to be nice...I know how those Ohio days can be cloudy, cold and dreary! It's sunny in the South today; and 76!!! WooHoo! Have a great time this weekend.

Anonymous said...


I know you are a "plan ahead" person, but just in case maybe you'd better take a sleeping bag and some thermals for sleeping!!

Love Aunt Deanna

Anonymous said...

That 380 have been "called" to come to this retreat is amazing. I believe more and more people are becoming hungry for the Word. Know is will be a renewing experience for you and all who attend. It is so easy to make Jesus who we want Him to be to fill our needs. The Bible says he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow - he doesn't change, we do. This will give me lots to think about in my own life.
Love you, Aunt Saundra