Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Lies Ahead

So much is to be said about everything I have experienced in life. I was remembering some of the things I have seen and experienced over the years. There is so much to look back and smile about and there is some stuff that many would look at and frown about. However, all of those experiences together have made me into who I am today.

A few of the things that stuck out to me: the thrill of my first roller coaster and the death grip I had on the should bar, I swam with a dolphin, I remember my first homecoming dance and what an embarrassingly awful date I was. I remember early mornings and sweaty "character building" days installing fences and decks. I've seen a lot of hurt too. I have been to a lot of funerals of family members and good friends. I've seen a new natural disaster every year; tsunami of 2004, katrina, earthquake in Hati and many more. On a lighter note, I remember, rather vividly, driving home from the BMV for the first time with my temporary learner's permit and how nervous I was passing a combine along the way. In contrast, I also remember the confidence I felt when I went to take my driver's test to get my license. I remember having the feeling that know how to do about anything, then the realization when I got to college that I was a lot smaller than I ever could imagine. I remember the first day of college and how nervous and quiet I was and how much that has changed over the years.

All of these things have had an impact on who I am today. Romans says that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him.

Now looking forward, I am glad I have experienced everything I have. I'm excited about what lies ahead of me. It's as if I have been taught all of this stuff and then given a blank slate and I get to fill it with what I want! Since there is only another semester of school, I am entering into a brand new time of my life, but I have been learning over the past 20 years how to live successfully in this time. I'm excited to see where I end up. I have my past experience and my future hopes to guide me, an education to help me, friends who love me, family who won't let me fall, and the love of Christ compelling me. I have no boundaries to where I can end up, that is the beauty of my job, there are people who need to hear about the Gospel of Jesus anywhere I go!

I don't think I am usually am not this reflective, but for some reason I started looking back yesterday afternoon. I'm glad I did. I have a renewed excitement about my future and how much I have been preparing for it.

Did I have failures? Of course I did. Do I have regrets? Yes, but I learned from them all. I have fallen and failed at so many things, but at least I have tried. I like the quote from Abe Lincoln, "I'm not concerned that you have fallen, I am concerned that you will rise."


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jordan !!! 2 decades down and 8 or 9 happy healthy more!!!
Yes, you have a clean slate to write your own story and
remember....God gave us 'today' that is why it's called the "present"!!
Love you,Ann

Traci said...

love reading your thoughts Jordan!
Love ya