Monday, December 15, 2008

Meet Andrew

This is Lia. She has changed quite a bit since the last time I saw her. 

Chloe and Ella watching the Wizard of Oz! 

Ella is quite the big cousin!

As you might be able to guess, we went to visit them last weekend. I haven't seen the girls since my graduation, that is entirely too long! I simply had to go. We had a lot of fun and I fulfilled my role, as usual, the human jungle gym! I was glad to see them and can't wait to see everyone again for Christmas! 

Oh and did you hear, Josh will be home very very soon.. like I think by the end of the week soon!!!!


Kristi said...

Whenever you want to come play human jungle gym for your second cousins, just let me know. You know the way to the house...
I'm praying that Josh gets in soon!

Mom of Triple As said...

Ok, so we'll be there on Saturday. Can you be a human jungle gym for the Triple As? You'd better be prepared because Sunday night, Andrew picked up Adam and threw him on the ground. It was hysterical! I hope we get to see Josh when we're there. I know you must be so excited to get to see him.