Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone who reads this had a wonderful Christmas. I am really not sure who all reads this, so if you do and you don't regularly comment, it would be cool if you made that known sometime. I was just curious how many people actually about my exciting life.

Nonetheless, if anyone has seen the movie 4 Christmases, that was a bit of what my Christmas was like.. except a bit more enjoyable than the one they shared. Through all of the running around I enjoyed seeing everyone and had a wonderful time. I was able to see my brother which was a blessing. 

That is about all there is to sum it up. I would love to hear if anyone else did anything fun. Love you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan,
My name is Tony and I read your blog on a regular basis. Glad to hear your Christmaseseses were good. Did you buy stock in AE?

Mom of Triple As said...

So we were in OH for a week and never saw you. What's up with that? I'm sorry our paths never crossed.

Kristi said...

We left reindeer dust out so Santa could find my kids at Mama's house. (Check it out on the blog). So sorry that we weren't able to come to see you guys, but glad we missed the stomach bug that seemed to plague your family...
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I read your blog. And part of my Christmas that I loved was seeing you at your Mom's and also when you and Jen dropped in and stayed for lunch and then ate all my Christmas candy! I love you.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog Jordan!


Anonymous said...

My Christmas was truly a blessing.
The Miller's were here from Christmas Eve day until the Monday after Christmas. (Never tire of watching Kylie and Caleb.) Adam and Traci spent the night with us Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night. Was so nice to have a house full of love and laughter.

We all went to my sister's on Christmas Eve after our church service (5:30pm) and had our traditional fondue meal with her family. There were 16 of us around two tables. Had four fondue pots going. Started with cheese fondue and toasted bread. Then had meatballs, steak and chicken. Afterwards had dark chocolate fondue with cake, cookies, bananas, strawberries, etc for dipping. What a long, friendly way to have a meal. We were all stuffed afterwards but enjoyed every minute. Makes me hungry right now!

Christmas morning was so fun with Kylie and Caleb. They were excited by all of the pretty wrapped gifts and had a ball opening their gifts. (We had decided this year just to buy for the children.) We adults were nearly as excited as they were because of their joy. It truly is better to give than to receive!
God is so good and has blessed us so richly. Just to know Him brings such joy and peace.

May your 2009 be full of Him and His riches in glory!

Love, Aunt Saundra

Anonymous said...

hey man...i read ur blog...check it almost every day i can get on the internet actually...sorry i don't comment more but i'll try...was great seeing you while i was home...and thanks again for you and jen watching the boys...i love you man see you in a few months

ur big bro