Saturday, May 9, 2009

Again?!?! No Way!

Yes that is right ladies and gentlemen, I am writing twice in one week! 

Finals are coming up this next week, so the late nights have begun, along with Saturday study times... ugh. I would like everyone to know that I have successfully only had one Saturday that I can recall where I did homework or studied on a Saturday, but today will be the second day.

One nice thing that has come from  late night studying was last night my friend Matt and I rented a couple movies to have on while we were working. We rented "Marley and Me" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." We were going to go to the Reds game last night, but it was raining pretty hard the whole time, so we just rented movies. I decided that I would watch Marley and Me and then would start on my homework during Benny Button. Well I will just say that I wish I had something to distract me from the first one, Marley and Me made my eyes wet. I never cry during a movie, but this one really got me teary-eyed. The film was beautifully done and I really felt like I was a part of the family. At the end of the movie as I was getting teary-eyed I was trying not to let Matt see me, but then at one point I hear him say, "Stupid dog has me cryin all over the place, dangit." I look over and he had tears flowing down his face, then I didn't feel so bad for getting a little teary-eyed. It had to have been a funny scene to watch if you would have walked into the room: a couple of guys on a Friday night, in a little guys dorm room, watching Marley and Me, and sobbing. We felt pathetic!

So for the Curious Case of Benjamin Button we called our friend Taylor and went up and watched that one in our "Student Life" area, that way we didn't feel so pathetic and I did homework during that one to keep me distracted if it got too emotional. It was a good movie, but it was extremely long (2 hrs. 40 min. long)! It was interesting though to see how the cycles of life are sort of similar whether we go from young to old or old to young. You still have to learn to walk, bend over and be able to tie your own shoes, feed yourself, and eventually you grow muscles. At the end of life you basically unlearn everything you have learned if you live long enough. I just thought this was an interesting observation. It just goes to show that you have a certain period of time when you are very capable of a lot of things and should take full advantage of it. All of us are in that stage right now, not dependent on anyone and able to get along just fine and remember everyone we come in contact with. There really isn't any reason to complain about what we have right now.

Other than my sob stories there isn't much going on. I was thinking, since I go to a Christian College, maybe I could just pray for a good grade on my exams? Just kidding, I will just be grateful that I have a capable mind to try and comprehend the glory of God. I hope all of you have a marvelous Mother's day too, do something special for your mother, and for those mothers that are reading this, have a great day and know that you can really have an impact on your child, more than what you think you have probably. 

I love you all.


Anonymous said...

Just keep in mind... girls don't marry guys who aren't capable of crying. Doesn't mean they want a Sobbing Sally but you know what I mean!!
School is super busy for me right now, good luck with your finals!
ps.. Did you get any Easter surprises????????

Kristi said...

Oh for a camera to catch your "tender moment..." Actually, I haven't watched the movie because I never have let myself finish the book. I got to where Marley was having a hard time getting up the stairs at the country home and then decided that he simply "gets young again" and they all live happily ever after. (I cried on an airplane as I got to that point and simply couldn't finish!)
I love the tender side of you. Happy finals!