Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Slow Poke!

That would be me! I know that I apologize every time I write an entry, but I really am sorry I want to keep my followers informed about my life, but I just forget sometimes.

Not a ton has been happening in my life lately. I was at a jr. high retreat two weekends ago and led a class about not living in the past but learning from it and looking forward. I didn't expect much response from it, but the kids really did seem to get something out of the class, I know that wasn't my doing. The retreat in general was pretty cool, it was called A Letting Go and they were talking about letting go of the things that hold us back from a relationship with GOD. It was pretty interesting. I forgot how easy it is to get jr. high kids to do the stupidest things for the smallest reward. We were playing this game where the students received rocks as a reward and at my game I made a rule that if someone would go off a rope swing that went out over a creek and landed face first in the mud that they would receive 20 additional rocks! I couldn't believe how many kids would do this for something as simple as a few rocks. It was so funny.

Last weekend I was a part of a 30 hour famine and I was asked to lead worship for it. So, I asked the best pianist I know, Dave Searle, and a very talented vocalist, Kara Clutter, to assist me in this. We ended up with an amazing worship time, we had the amount of songs to go for about a half hour, but ended up with close to an hour of worship. Needless to say it was awesome! 

I don't really know what else to talk about. One thing that I have been noticing more and more is the continual need for service, especially in the church. That is mostly what we talked about during the famine and then we talked about it tonight in our dorm devotions. The main passage we looked at was Isaiah 58, which talks about true fasting, and then tonight the song we listened to was The Tears of the Saints. If you want to hear a great song look it up, it is by the band called Leeland, you won't regret it if you have to buy it. I just thought I would like to share a little something that has been on my mind and in my heart lately. I hope you all do something with it and I will try to keep up a little more on my blogging, but as usual, no promises. Take care everyone.


Kristi said...

So good to be reading about you again! I've missed the semi-weekly summary of your life...
So glad to see how involved you are staying in ministry. When I was your age I was so much more concerned with "myself." I still am blown away at your maturity in Christ.

Tricia said...

Good to hear from you! I'm not sure my kids would jump face down in mud for rocks. I think that's unusual. :)