Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quite a Phone Call

Last night I had something happen that hasn't happened in a long time. My phone rang and it was an "unknown number," so I didn't answer it. Immediately after it stopped ringing it started again... once again an "unknown number." I figured, since they were persistent it could be someone that I knew just calling from another number... or something like that. So, I answer, and I hear, "Hello, Mr. Curtis, I am calling from Verizon wondering if you would like to complete a survey?" I said, "No thanks," and hung up. I was respectful.

The second I hung up I got a call back. "Mr. Curtis, please, I only want a minute of your time to complete a survey." Me, starting to get a little frustrated, I asked them not to call back again.

Sure enough they call another time. I just let it ring. I have never met a telemarketer so persistent and I was very frustrated, after all, I was trying to enjoy a friendly game of checkers with my grandma. After I ignored the call, the phone continued to ring. This time I was so friendly. With a bit of tone in my voice and without saying any type of greeting I said, "Please don't call again. I already hung up on you twice, I'm not going to do you survey!" I couldn't believe the guy had the nerve to correct me and say that it was only twice. At that point I was very frustrated and told them not to call back. Grandma and grandpa were starting to get a kick out of how heated I was at this point. I, however, did not find the humor in it.

Phone rings again. Different number. I answer, and it is some lady with an accent to her, wanted to know why I was giving her employee a hard time? I could not believe it. I told her how many times he had called and I could not believe it! I'm sure my face was getting a little red with frustration at this point, but I wasn't rude, I just sternly asked her to leave me alone.

Rather irked at this point I was wondering who I could complain to, because if I call verizon they would just ask me why I didn't comply and take the survey. At a loss for words I was sitting there continuing the game I was currently involved in and my phone rings again. Almost reluctant to look at it, I peak and it is my friend from school, Jake. I answer the phone and ask him where he is? He said he was driving a van for his high school youth group. In an instant I realized that all these calls came from him...

I could not believe it. I had successfully been pranked. Man was I frustrated, but at the same time I have to give it to him. He got me.

So with that being said, I need some ideas on ways to get him back. So let me know your thoughts on good pranks you have ever been a part of, had done on you, or heard done?

I look forward to getting him back!


Kristi said...

That totally made me laugh. Between you being frustrated and your grandparents laughing at you about it. :)
Glad you got to the bottom of it all and I look forward to your practical joke in return.

Randy said...

That made me laugh Jordan! You handled it very well. You never know who could be on the other end of the phone...

Traci said...

he he he that was funny. i only wish i thought of it! haha
The only practical joke I ever fell for was while living in NYC someone called and said I won a trip to NYC. I was like... "well I already live here... got anything else?"