Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crazy Love

For those of you who don't know, I am running a retreat starting two weeks from this Friday for Jr. High students. This has been consuming quite a bit of my time for the past month and a half. My hopes and expectations for the weekend is to change the way we, particularly Jr. High students view love. It seems kinda funny how we love soccer, but if we think about it no matter how much we sacrifice for the game, what does soccer do for us? How does it sacrifice for our gain? We are going to be defining love, looking at how we are loved by GOD, and then what we can do in response to GOD's Crazy Love.

It has been quite a journey in discovering topics and ideas for games and such, but after a few meetings with a new mentor of mine, whom I am working for at another church now, I think we have a good weekend planned. The last challenge we faced was getting a band. We had one planned, then we had to change the weekend due to use of facilities and since we changed the band could no longer come. I talked with a few people and no one seemed to be interested. It was getting down to the day we had to know who was leading worship or else (I don't really know what would have happened, but we had to have someone by then). Then a kid was suggested so I called him up, he couldn't do it but... he said he knew of 2 other people who would be interested that he trusted completely. So I called the first one up and she is going to lead the charge, this took a huge weight off my shoulders. It was awesome, literally 3 hours before our meeting where I had to have a band it was confirmed!

I really see a group of Jr. High students really making a change in the way things are done in our youth ministry and possibly even sparking change in the church. I believe with a more outward centered approach we can become more grounded inwardly. I had the privilege of working with the Jr. High ministry over the summer and noticed that they want to do the right thing, they just don't know why they should fall in love with GOD and do as he commands. I expect this to change after this weekend as we really look at what we can do to obey the one who created us. It will also be good for the adults and high schoolers that will be helping.

I will definitely be posting right after the retreat is over (it is the 14th and 15th of November). I would love to feel the prayers going out for the leadership of the retreat and for hearts and lives to be changed. I am really excited for this weekend and I know that GOD has some wonderful things in store. 


Kristi said...

It amazes me to see you so grounded in your faith at such a young age! I pray that your love for God will be contagious at the retreat!
Love you!

Allison Mittelkamp said...

21 signed up last time I counted! How awesome is that? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was browsing through bloggerland and noticed your blog, so I thought I'd stop by. :)

Just wanted to say, never underestimate the power and impact this retreat will have on the Junior Highers. I've grown up in a Christian family, but my faith really didn't become my own until I was a freshman in highschool. It was the impact of my youth leaders that led me to where I am now--a senior in highschool who is highly involved in student leadership in my youth group.

So anyway, I'll be praying for you guys on your retreat. Even though I don't "know" you, Jesus' family is certainly a big one :D

Mom of Triple As said...

Glad to hear about the retreat. Wish I'd been involved in something like that when I was younger.