Friday, October 24, 2008

A Day Without Ethics!

Yesterday I woke up at 10 minutes till 8 am to make it to my 8 o'clock modern ethics class. I didn't take a shower or anything and was contemplating skipping the class (I have not skipped yet and have 4 possible skips). I rush to class to get there just in the nick of time only to find... no one in the class, class was cancelled. I woke up for nothing, my next class wasn't until 11.

So I went back to sleep thinking I will wake up in without an alarm before my next class at 11. So I fall back asleep and when I wake up I think it is only 9:45 at the latest, I look at the clock and it is 11:30! Way to late to try and sneak in. I found out later that we really didn't do anything important so it really wasn't that big of a deal.

I volunteer at this after-school program called Bloc Ministries on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays. The people that work there are all from my school except one kid. There are a few people who live in the Bloc House which is just a house with 3 or 4 guys that work for Bloc. We were talking on Wednesday about having a dinner and everybody bringing something. So we went to the Bloc House and fixed dinner ourselves, there were about 8 of us. We had a great time we ate and watch Hancock, then we looked at videos on Youtube for at least 3 hours and were crying laughing at times. We were having such a good time that we missed curfew by about an hour. 

I realized that after not having Ethics class for a day I just wasn't concerned about missing another class or missing curfew or anything. So it kinda led me to wonder, what would happen in the world if we had one whole day where everyone's ethical code went out the window and we all lived however we wanted? Something to think about, but I hope that day never comes.


Kristi said...

You missed curfew? Naughty little boy...

I'm glad that you have such a good code of ethics ~ if all teenagers were like you the world would be a better place! (I hope that makes you blush...)

Love you little cousin!

Mom of Triple As said...

Does your mother read this blog? Does she know you missed curfew??? :) Glad you're having a great time!