Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Wonderful Doctors Visit

The other day I was informed that I had a doctor's appointment on Friday (yesterday). I was told that it will just be a routine check-up and I shouldn't even be there very long. So I go in and get all of my measurements and everything, by the way I am 5 ft. and 9.25 in. (in case anyone was dying to know!?!), then the nurse says, "Well your mom sent these forms in, it looks like you will be getting a few shots today!" Now let me just clarify, I don't mind needles, but she listed off about 6 shots that I needed. The good news is, she proceeded to tell me they don't do all of them and I will only be able to get 3 of the shots from this place. Then it got even better, she told me that the one shot for whatever reason I had to come back in 3 days, which would be Monday. When she asked me if I would be able to do that, assured her that there was no way because I would be back down at school and I just couldn't do that! So I still received 2 shots and one of them made my arm a little sore, but I didn't notice it for about 6 or 7 hours. They also took some of my blood from me.

Other than that it was a wonderful day. I went up to see my Great Grandpa, but he was out of town. So I walked around his yard for a while and took some pictures. Then I went to my Grandma and Grandpa Trump's house. Ate lunch with them, then before I went on my way Grandma insisted on me taking some bakies with me, to which I just couldn't tell her no, you understand.  

In case you are wondering about what a bakie is, I just have one question to ask that will explain it for you... To make a cookie, do you cook it or do you bake it? Think about this one.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, just a football game and a 5th quarter party at the church.

Just a few pictures so you can see a little what my Great Grandpa's house looks like in case you haven't been there and if you have, hear is a little something to remind you of whatever it is you think of when you are there...

The good ole creek or crick as some of you might say it...

This is what most of it looked like though. (Kinda less exciting, huh)

The world famous pond!

Finally the house.


Kristi said...

Boo for shots! Sorry that you had to endure.

Great pictures at Grandpas! Ah the memories that they conjure up...

Allison Mittelkamp said...

Beautiful pics. I especially love the effects you put on them :) I bet you had some wonderful help with that! ;) Hope you have a good week!