Friday, October 31, 2008

David Crowder Concert

Tonight! I am going to a David Crowder concert tonight, in case you didn't get that...

I'm not really one for concerts, but I suppose I am fairly excited, I mean the guy does have a wicked crazy hair due! That is about all I have planned for the weekend. Well I also have a paper to do for Greek and Roman History about this book called the 12 Caesars. I know sounds exciting right?!? Well I will let all you faithful followers know how it all was in a couple days, hopefully I can get a picture of the crazy hair guy. 

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Kristi said...

Oh man, I'm jealous! I'm not much of a concert goer either, but I'd go to see David Crowder! How was the concert?
Miss you and hope to see you over Christmas when we bring Caleb to meet the Ohio family!
Love you!