Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dinner at Howard's

Last night I was invited over to Howard Brammer's house, our interim senior pastor, for dinner with some other students from churches he has served. His wife Martha fixed a wonderful hardy meal consisting of meat loaf, corn, green beans, some wonderful mashed potatoes, and Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel bread is a special kind of bread they make themselves, but their doctor recommended it, Martha said you can find the recipe in the book of Ezekiel... so if anyone is interested on a new type of bread, start reading up on you prophets!

The night was fun, we heard all kinds of stories about how they met, some of their dating life, and stories from their journey through life. We were even privileged to see a picture of the young Howard when he was in college. He picked up this cane that was sitting in the corner, the stick part was made of old wood that looked like it had been around for a while and the handle was a carved bone. He told us that when they had moved into the house they stripped the walls down to remodel the house and they found the cane in the walls! So several of their family members came up with different theories as to why it was in the walls. After he showed it to us he says, "So I would like to hear your theory about... so Jordan why don't you start us off." He hands me the cane. I was thinking to myself does he really want me to make up a story about this thing? Then Martha asked for his help for a second so I quickly passed it on to the guy sitting next to me. I think I am supposed to have a story for this Sunday though when I see him at church.

Well the evening was rather refreshing, it was nice to get off of campus and have a wonderful home-cooked meal. I sort of like hearing people's stories too, so the whole evening was very nice.

The evening reminded me a little bit of being over at my Great-Grandma's house, she made a good meat loaf and loved to tell stories about when she was growing up. I even remember the one of her and Great-Grandpa getting married.


Kristi said...

Mmm, meatloaf and mashed potatoes ~ nothing like a home cooked meal. And yes, just reading about it makes me think of being at Grandma's for a home cooked dinner. Wow do I miss her!

Zombie said...

I think if they dig deeper, they find the old man that used the cane inside there. My theory is that he fell into the wall while the house was being built and the walls were healed around him. Like that old picture of the bicycle in the tree.